Welcome Message From Headmistress

Since its founding in 1927, Achimota School has been the measure of education in Ghana. As Headmistress, I feel honoured and privileged to be leading this Institution of Excellence. Achimota School has been dedicated to expanding, training transformational leaders, inspiring creativity, innovation and critical thinking among students, and preserving the cultural identity of Ghana through various programmes. Our quest to develop students holistically is grounded in a mission and vision that integrates the core competences to the benefit of learners. 

The motto of the school, Ut Omnes Unum Sint which means, "That they all may be one", underpins the philosophy of integration and acceptance of each other for a common good. The piano-key design of our school crest as aptly described by Dr. James Kwegyir Aggrey: "You can play a tune of sorts on the black keys only; and you can play a tune of sorts on the white keys only; but for perfect harmony, you must use both the black and the white keys.” This signifies a sense of togetherness. Undoubtedly, a non-discriminatory approach to co-existence in any aspect of life’s pursuits. An invaluable mindset that has propelled Achimota School to be one of the leading public schools in Ghana and Africa as a whole. 

What brings the school’s mission, vision and values to life is the outstanding staff who ensure that, not only the individual needs of students are met but they go the extra length in inspiring and motivating learners to reach their full potential as these young learners prepare to take their respective places in the future of our country.

I can assure you that Achimota School is the best school with a safe, caring, and serene environment that can unearth and open the world of vast opportunities to our children. 

The website provides information on who we are, our daily operations and community engagements. I respectfully invite you to visit our various sections and learn at first hand why Achimota School continues to excel in all its endeavors. 

Enjoy the insightful virtual experience through our school.

  • Ms. Marjorie Affenyi