ACHIMOTA SCHOOL was founded in 1927 as the first government co-educational Boarding Institution in this country, to provide education ranging from Kindergarten right up to the pre-university level. The School was established as a nondenominational Christian institution, although pupils of other religious beliefs are also admitted. Achimota school is a unique institution. It is situated on the "Outlaws Hill" about 11 kilometers Northeast from the center of Accra, the capital city of Ghana. . The School is the largest second-cycle boarding institution in the country. It has a total student population of 1,500. The population of girls has increased steadily from about ten percent in the 1920's to the current fifty-two percent in the 2000 academic year. About ninety-five percent of the students are boarders. The academic staff population is 75, backed by a non-teaching staff numbering 137. For more information please see the history section




The best use of the minds and bodies which God has given us
An equal opportunity for girls and boys in education
Respect for all that is true and of lasting value in the old African culture, beliefs and ways of life
Willing, humble service of the educated for the uneducated
Mutual understanding and cooperation between Christians of all denominations and the growth of that spirit in which the churches shall one day be united again
Friendship, respect and cooperation between all races on equal terms
The belief , on which all else rest, in Jesus Christ as the revelation for all time and all peoples of the love of God, and as the guide and pattern of our lives